um so here is Snapchat Plus and here is my AI this new feature so how to get access to it so just go to your messages and then it will be either pinned or you can just find it here and that's basically like a chatbot I think it's using open AI or chat GPT technology so it's quite similar to Bing or Tia GPT and just keep in mind that the answers here can be quite uh biased it's it's not perfect but you can just use it for fun and all of that um yeah you can see it here just also as I understand let me just open this for you here is some screenshot from what AI is uh unlike other Chess With Friends all messages with my AI will be retained unless you delete them and maybe used to improve snaps products and personalize your experience including ads please do not share any sensitive or confidential information so there you have it so yeah your messages here are not deleted by default uh then there will be some biased and misleading content some sometimes and it's just uh just a entertaining app it don't rely on it to give like very precise information yet the AI is not there uh so it doesn't understand stickers yet uh so can you send some photos I can send just some guidelines so it can't like it's not that advanced uh so so yeah that's what you can do here uh yeah so that and then you can just tap here and then you can see chat attachments um and then you can tap on three dots you can see you can edit name of actually of it so that's that's another feature you can see clear from chat feed and pin conversation hi chat um story settings cam I'm just also looking for uh option to delete to delete uh are you sure you want to clear these conversations this will clear the conversation from your feed it will not delete any saved or saved messages or send messages in your conversation so there you have it um yeah so that's just a bit like it's a testing technology I wouldn't share too much confidential stuff here of course Snapchats will use these chats for their ad targeting and ads like uh all of that so if you talk about Nike sneakers probably you'll get a lot of ads about Nike and so on but yeah that's what it is you can just chat you can't do voice calls or video messages and all of that um so yeah that's the idea hope that's helpful just that just an overview so you can get access to this my AI feature for uh when you're subscribing to Snapchat Plus it's like 3.99 per month and then you can just learn more a bit about my AI it's an experimental friendly chatbot available exclusively for Snapchat Plus subscribers and my AI is designed to be personal sidekick to each Snapchat or chat with this you can it can answer burn in trivia question offer advice and perfect this for your BFF course they help plan a hiking trip suggest where to travel what to do all that kind of stuff you can use it for you can give my nickname yeah as I showed my AI can answer incorrectly provide biased answers um how about an interaction stored all your interactions with my AI are stored until you delete them just like real friend the more you interact the the battery it gets you to know so um yeah uh don't use my my AI to generate some specific type of content because there are some guidelines and yeah and your data of course will be used to improve my Ai and other Snap products so there you have it hope it's helpful

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