SnapChat+ My Story timer - how it works? Full overview

here is a new feature of the Snapchat Plus so as I just recently in October added three new features to the repay subscription snapshot Plus but and one of them is a story timer so Snapchat Plus subscriber you can choose your snaps on my story uh with how how long it will take to expire usually it takes 24 hours but your Snapchat Plus subscriber you can customize that so you can set a snap to expire after 1 hour 6 hours 12 hours 12 24 2-3 days or one week so how to do it take a snap and tap send to select my story on the center screen a button will appear that allows you to select how long you want the snap to exist on my story tap this button and select a time great so let's just do it of course you need to be a Snapchat Plus subscriber so as you can see I I'm in that here this is a new feature so let's just take some story send to my story and then I see this button where I can uh see when it will expire so that's basically how it works so you can see it ranges from one hour to one week this thing so from one hour six hour 12 hour 24 hour two days three days or one week and then you can see how set when your snap disappears from story and then just tap send to your story and then it will just disappear after that date it's pretty cool right so that's the new feature I hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching

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