SNAPCHAT + NEW FEATURES - Capture Color, Custom Notifications, Custom Story Expiration - OVERVIEW

hey everyone so let's just explore what are the three new features in Snapchat Plus they just released them I'm super excited to share it with you actually Snapchat Plus gathered more than 1 million byte subscribers already it's a pretty successful release from Snapchat so let's just dive in so Snapchat Plus I already did a full overview of all these previous features like post um modgp number one best friend priority store replies cost trials all of that but now they added three new features which are called Uh custom notification sounds capture color and custom story exploration as well they added Snapchat added a bit more app icons and also added a some exclusive backgrounds I think they added some like um Halloween ones and stuff like that so it's constantly updated but to the features so first is custom notification sounds so you just select your friend and then you can select a different sound when when a friend snaps you so yeah you can have like custom notification sound which is pretty cool so there are seven different sounds there is one default one and six additional so yeah it's pretty cool that additional feature is capture color that's the accent color used when capturing and snap this is a previous feature on the Snapchat Plus subscribers you'll be able to select accent colors so default is Snapchat yellow but as a Snapchat Plus subscriber you will be able to select lime green aqua blue cryon blue with purple shocking pink candy red or fire orange I like I like those adjectives anyways so if I want to show you so as you can see when I'm capturing my slab it has this purple background so yeah uh that's that's one of the features and another the core feature I think here is called custom story expiration so that's pretty cool like you can set your story snaps to expire not just in 24 hours which is a default but like it can be from one hour six hour 12 hour two days three days a one week after posting so you can select that yeah so how to do that again just record your story just start send to select my story and then here to the left of the blue icon you will see this kind of time so it starts from one hour to one week so you have one hour six hours 12 hour 24 hours which is default two days three days or one week so you can set up all these different timers and then one hour and then the story will just expire in one hour instead of 24 hours which is default so it's pretty cool uh this those are three new features which were just released in Snapchat Plus I hope they will be adding more and more features here this service costs 3.99 dollars per month or uh yeah like 39 dollars I guess per per year so yearly subscription is cheaper um so there's that and there are of course bunch of all these other features which you can check out or watch my previous videos

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