i just upgraded snapchat plus and in this video i will try to give you my impression of this should you try it out how it works and overview of main features here is this great overview on techcrunch you can also check it out so snapchat just recently introduced this feature just in the end of june uh this is kind of like a premium snapchat or a subscription for snapchat you need to know it's not available everywhere it's just available in united states canada uk france germany australia new zealand saudi arabia and united arab emirates with more countries to be added soon so it means if you have account which is not attached to one of these countries you won't be able to see snapchat plus button so yeah unfortunately that's how it works so you need to have snapchat account for example for your ass which is registered with you as phone number and you need to be located in us but of course if you have that account uh registered in us and you're traveling you still be able to see snapchat plus so the pricing is 3.99 per month and then it's cheaper to upgrade the results of six months plan and then there is yearly plan um and then there are a bunch of features so just uh spoiler alert it it doesn't this snapchat plus doesn't disable ads so you will still have ads on snapchat it's not like a youtube premium where you upgrade and you won't be seeing annoying ads anymore no you will still see a lot of ads but it just has some additional features anyhow let's just open the app and see how it works so here is snapchat tap in top left on your account and then to upgrade to snapchat plus tap on your icon in top right and you will see in the menu snapchat plus just under all your profile information you will see snapchat plus button and from there you will be able to upgrade and learn more the cool feature is that you can have seven day free trial so it doesn't matter if it's monthly plan yearly or six months plan there is seven day free trial which is amazing offer so definitely give it a try especially if you're a fan of snapchat using it daily or so just give it a try upgrade and yeah that can be a lot of fun so here is snapchat plus here is basically it's in the dashboard and then after your upgrade is successful it you will have this button just on your main profile page you will see that you remember from which date and then there are all these features so here you can tap learn more and see overview of the features there is uh ghost trails there is best friends forever so you can pin your friend story watch indicator custom app icon snapchat plus batch and friend solar system so yeah i would just try to go through the each feature how it looks like in snapchat class so you have an idea is it worth it or not so first a very cool thing to do is that you can change your app icon so just tap on app icon and then you see all the selection of icons and then i want to do this and then i yeah great i just changed the snapchat icon and there you have it that's it and it's super fast it's instant and the nice part about it is that it's not using all these shortcuts because of course there are so many apps where third-party apps where you can change all these icons but then mostly you will need to use shortcut app on ios meaning that there will be kind of double click or redirect so you will tap on the snapchat icon then it will open shortcut app and then it will open snapchat which is a bit annoying here it's very fast and instant there is no double click and it's very nice the collection of these icons will be added i guess like depending on the occasion and all of that then there is this another feature best friends forever which means you can press and hold on the front for the option to pin them as your bff so basically just go to your friends tab and then select any tab at friend tap and hold and then tap pin as your number one bff in the top part what happens the your friend will now appear in the best friend tab in the top it's just kind of like in the best friends tone so you can just tap it again and undo it and yeah that's pretty handy if you have like dozens friends on snapchat you can just do it and you will instantly go to the only to the top chat in your in your friends list so that's basically the idea yeah that's how it works [Music] so yeah and then you can instantly quickly message this one friend can you add many friends no only one friend at this moment uh then uh what else is there um so snapchat plus then there is this cool feature snapchat plus badge basically i just enable it and it will appear so you see my name it will appear just like to the right of the name that's that's basically it there is no any additional you know features around it so you can add some flair to your display name is a black star badge this lets your friends know you're a snapchat plus subscriber so if so if you just want you know to to show off to your friends or something you can just use that it's anyway it's just funny then there is cool feature story watch count where you can see how many friends rewatched your stories so meaning which like you can't see which friends but you can see that some people watch your story more than once uh so basically in your stories you will see the ice emoji and their stories that one or more friends have re-watched uh yeah uh your story you can see how many friends uh you were watching snaps and you can see the statistics on my story private stories or shared stories so just swipe up on the story i will show how to do it and the number next to this ice emoji counts how many friends have you watched your story and not the total number of times is have been rewatched so yeah so for example uh my story okay it's just just an example and then you can swipe up and then here just under image you will see this ice emoji it doesn't have any iso much because it's just zero views but anyhow uh you will see eyes emoji like for example two meaning that two your friends rewatched this story more than once uh it's a bit of pity that you can't see exactly who rewatched it or something like that that would be quite fun actually so i don't know uh yeah so you can't see exactly who rewards that so yep that's basically the idea um so that's the story watch indicator uh yeah also a custom app is not available on android yet so custom app icon is only on iphone then there is a feature which is called ghost trails it's it's pretty cool feature so you can enable that with snapchat plus and then you can see where your friends have been in the last 24 hours with coast trails you you will only see ghost trails for friends on the map if they are making their location visible to you and they have access to snapchat plus in their country location sharing on the snap map is opt-in for all snapchatters tap on your friends bitmoji on the map to see their ghost trail so basically this this is the feature this is the preview so go to snapchat map tap on your friends bitmoji on your friend's avatar basically and then you will see this yellow line so you can see just to the right of this bid mode there is like a yellow line that's like a ghost trail so you will know where your friends were hanging out during the last 24 hours but this feature is very limited at the moment so you will only see ghost trails for friends who are sharing their map location with you so there are small amount of friends already then are in a country where snapchat plus is available so that's what i was explaining in the beginning snapchat plus at this moment is not available around the globe only in few major countries maybe when you are watching this video already is worldwide but at this moment it's only like us canada uk germany france and stuff like that and then uh you your friend needs to have snapchat version 11.85 or newer so that's the idea and then you will be able to find your friends ghost trails um and then there is some feature which is called friend solar system i don't know what that is you will see best friends of friends batch with a gold ring around it on someone's friendship profile but france means you're one of the each other's eight closest friends and friends means you're one of their eighth closest friends but they are not one of yours so tapping on the badge will show you which planet you are in their solar system with each planet represented in different positions of france at least for example your friend is the sun and your earth that means your third closest friend that's kind of cool so here it is uh so for example as an image you will see a tab which is called best friends and then you will see best friends uh your best friends on snapchat are the friends you snap and chat with the most so yeah that's kind of similar to twitter circle or your snapchat circle and you will be able to see uh yeah how close you are with someone how often do you chat and all of that so these are basically the features um that's snapchat plus it doesn't disable ads so don't expect that your ads will be gone so that's a bit of pity but that's what it is also i really like that they included this button in the bottom that you can manage your subscription very easily you don't need to go and search in settings apps and stuff like that so just tap on this blue link and then you can easily tap to edit your subscription and cancel subscription if you want you can also cancel your free trial they offer sunday free trial you won't be charged uh you can also upgrade to one year plan you can upgrade to six months plan so if you like snapchat plus product just upgrade to one year it will be cheaper for you uh because yeah it's like certain 399 per month that will be like almost 48 dollars per year if you uh on a monthly plan on the yearly plan that will be 40 dollars per year um so that's basically that um so these are the features uh i think they will add more and more features here this is just like a preview but of course i don't know what the plans are uh snapchat plus was released as i understand because some of the their like usage numbers were a bit stagnating so that probably they're trying to get some additional revenue flow or revenue stream similar as all other like social media companies are doing these days there is like youtube premium twitter blue then there's like a telegram premium snapchat plus everyone just wants to get you on the monthly subscription and then you kind of you know kind of forget that you're subscribed and stuff like that but yeah at least here you can easily cancel if you're not happy and um yeah i think this subscription would work well if you're using snapchat daily so if if like you know at least once a day or like at least like a few times per week you're using snapchat your best friends are on this app it's a like it's an app you're using to communicate have fun with your friends probably then it will make sense for you if you're just you know using snapchat to check out some stories once per week or something like that i don't think that it will make sense for you to upgrade maybe upgrade for a month check it out and see if it works but yeah mostly this is like for like heavy snapchat user for people who can out have friends here who communicates and messages then it makes sense that's just my subjective view hope this video was helpful and will help you out to make a decision if you want to subscribe and upgrade or not visit my website mr it's my personal blog where i describe cool apps subscribe to this youtube channel and see in the next videos

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