so here is snapchat plus and i'm trying to start uh start this subscription and see how it looks like so i there are different types there is one month six month twelve months and then i just tap start seven day free trial so there is seven day free trial for each type of subscription and then let's see how it works so okay you're all set your purchase was successful and then you have successfully subscribed to snapchat plus and now i see this uh as this snapchat plus badge like this whole uh dashboard where i see all these cool features so first i can change app icon i can uh press and hold on the front for the option to pin them as pff i can enable snapchat plus badge i can tap store rewatch count i can enable ghost trails and then yeah i can learn even more how that that's working um so yep uh here you can see more about the features um some of the features are quite new and i still don't understand how everything works also for example this feature ghost trials requires that um like your friend is also using snapchat plus i think uh and is in the country where snapchat plus is available so that's that yup so something around it that's how you enable your subscription it's still on a free trial you'll be able to cancel it if you don't like it of course and the ads are not removed with snapchat plus so what snapchat plus gives you is just this selection of features it doesn't remove ads similar to youtube premium but yeah try it out

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