SNAPCHAT PLUS PLANETS - feature overview & planets meaning

so snapchat plus planets um let's discover this feature so snapchat plus is a premium version of snapchat for 3.99 cents per month and then you can discover fran solar system you will see a best friends or friends patch with a gold ring around it on someone's friendship profile best friends means you're one of each other's a's closest friends and friends means you're one of their eight closest friends but they're not one of yours uh so yeah so in order to your friend solar system both you and your friend must have linked bitmoji and then you will see these planets in order to view front solar system both you and your friend must have a link with moji so tapping on the bite will show you which planet your entire solar system is each planet you're presenting a different position of their past friendlies for example if your friend is sun and you are earth in their solar system that means your third closest friends so yeah for example here you see past friends badge on this picture so just under the name to the left of the name there is a new badge best friends if you tap on that you will see this picture uh yeah and then you will see the planet uh and then uh you will see france solar system threatmoji guide so here you will see how each planet looks like in case you are confused because you know how would i know that this is uh saturn or some sort okay saturn i know like or neptune so there you see so this is exactly the front solar system you need to know like these pictures to yeah to know which which solar system it represents so that's the idea hope this is helpful

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