SnapChat Plus PLANETS MEANING - which planets are your friends on?

uh so snapchat plus plans meaning what is that uh basically um if you upgrade to snapchat plus just under your friend's name you will see this stack which is called and then you will see it says best friends for example and if your friend is the yeah and then you will see that best friends means you're one of each other eight's closest friends and friends means you're one of their eight closest friends but they are not one of yours so in order to your friend solar system both you and your friend must have linked bitmoji tapping on the batch will show you which planet you're in their solar system with each planet you present in a different position in their friends list so for example if your friend is a son in your arsenal solo system that means you're their third closest friend so yeah and then for example you see this best friends tag you tap on it and then you can see like this pop-up that's how it looks like but like which planet is that and there are different images of planets which is pretty fun and then you can just see like this is mercury marconi meaning because it's the first planet closest to earth means that this is your first best friend then there is venus then there is earth then mars jupiter saturn or anus and neptune so yep that's that's the whole idea um that's how it works so yeah uh that's about it so just go to this guide search on snapchat support or just watch this video and you will have the idea of that

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