SnapChat Plus preview

so snap snapchat is working on a paid subscription called snapchat plus this news was just recently released to the large media and that's their service snap is doing internal test of a paid subscription called snapchat plus which will apparently give users early access to features as well as other abilities uh snap spock person said we are doing early in internal testing of snapchat plus in your subscription service for snapchatters we're excited about the potential to share exclusive experimental prerelease features with our subscribers so that's something similar as you have on twitter so twitter is promoting like this new subscription service like twitter blue or something like that that's how it's called um also like so with snapchat plus uh you will have the ability to pin one of your friends's number one bff uh uh change the snapchat icon so there will be like a collection of icons and you can do it via snapchat app naturally so you don't need to get like some other app to change snapchat icon and use like iphone shortcuts stuff like that and the estimated price is will be around 459 euros per month around four eight like four dollars 84 cents and then so yes there is this cool reporter alessandro palusi follow him on twitter and then he just posted some previews this is what like snapchat plus might look like and this plus batch can appear on your profile so again what you can do pin a friend as number one get access to icons display badge ceo orbit with bff see your friends for about in the last 24 hours see how many friends have rewatched your story so that's basically that uh that's some early preview what do you think about it would you pay snapchat like almost five dollars per month that seems like a lot like of course like you can compare it's like with disney plus or uh of course you're paying more for netflix but yeah like what do you think uh so far like the twitter subscription monthly subscription didn't like ha didn't spike a lot and didn't produce a lot of success but it's an interesting yes an interesting experiment for sure

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