in this tutorial we're gonna go through the quick overview of uh Snapchat Plus so just upgrade to the latest version of Snapchat and you will be able to get the Snapchat Plus subscription now this subscription is not available in all countries around the world so there is this nice overview on um Snapchat Plus it's only available in US Canada UK front Germany Australia New Zealand Saudi Arabian United Arab Emirates also it doesn't remove ads but it adds uh it has some cool features which I will show you in this video so basically I upgraded and yeah let's just open it up so here is the app tap in top left and then while you upgrade it you will see this Snapchat Plus dashboard so to upgrade you need to tap on gear icon and top right and then tap Snapchat Plus under your personal information um so here is Snapchat Plus here is a features app icon so you can change and add it to your Snapchat icon and it works really well so just for this feature if you want to stand out you can use that of course there are a bunch of other apps where you can do it for free but it's not this kind of native experience where there is no double clicks and stuff like that so there you have it then there is best friends forever seeing so it's also pretty fun so how it works you can pin chats of your best friends so here is your best friend and then you can see that there is a section called best friends in the top and you have uh it's me in this uh or like you just tap and hold and add your friend as a PFF you can only add one person like that um so that's that so that's another cool feature and then you know if you have like uh tons of friends or hundreds of friends you don't need to scroll to uh to find out all of them you can just be in one friend but only one then Snapchat batch just enable that you can show off to your friends you can see next to my name to the right to receive Snapchat Plus badge kind of found that cool feature is called Story Watch count so basically you if you post your stories you will be able to see this ice emoji icon and it will count how many friends have watched your story uh at least two times or something like that so here on this image you see that if you just go to the story you will see eyes emoji a new seal number number two means that uh and two friends rewatched your stories so there are like 20 52 views of your stories and two friends to watch your stories uh then um there are like ghost trials feature which is really fun basically the idea is that you can go to Snapchat map and if uh if your friend is sharing my application with you if your friend has Snapchat Plus or where it's available uh is has the latest version of Snapchat so basically you will see where your friend was hanging out during the last 24 hours so on this image you will see that if you just go to Snapchat map and tap on your avat on your friends Avatar bitmoji you will see this yellow line just going around your front like Talon this is where a friend was hanging out in the last 24 hours maybe you were on Excursion maybe you are traveling together and stuff like that so you will see that details uh yep so that's the idea um so these are the features you are paying for again Snapchat Plus doesn't remove ads and then there is another feature from solar system which is basically you will see attack on some of your friends and this stack could be either best friends or France so it means that best friends means you're one of each other as closest friends and Friends means you're one of their eight closest friends but they are not one of yours so uh yeah tapping on the batch will show you which planet you're in their solar system so if for example if your friend is sun and your Earth in their solar system that means your other short closest friend so that's the idea um yeah these are the features nothing else at this moment might be Snapchat will add something else at this moment there is seven day free trial doesn't matter if you subscribe for a month six months or a year of course it's cheaper to subscribe for a year you can easily manage your subscriptions just from the Snapchat menu here you can change the subscription you can cancel subscription so that's the idea yep I hope this is helpful um yeah put a like so more people can Discover it and thank you for watching

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