let's explore this interesting app which is called snap widget it's kind of similar to lock it widget app and to note it widget and there are like so many similar apps in this category okay i'll just try to search it again yep so here you have it snap widget photo and drawing so the idea is exactly same as unlock it widget so you can add your load one to your home screen so you can just add the picture or photo if your load wants to your home screen share moments to your friends widget draw doodle will be just for your friends you can just draw use drawings or just add photos from your camera rolls there is like history and then you can add your friends so here is the app and this is how it looks like um yeah you can just take a photo um and then send to your friends uh like to create an account you just need to sign up with your phone number i already did a video about that so basically i just need to take a photo and then it just has this pop-up that you need to add friends once your friends accept your friend request your photo can be uploaded to their home screen so to add friends i just tap in top right corner here then i just need to add friends and then i just sync my contacts from my iphone contact book and then i can just send add me as a friend on snap widget or something like that and that that should be that then you add friends and then and then yes well you need to have this widget installed so i will just show to you how to do it so tap and hold until you see all these jiggles then there is like a snap widget uh i just want to tap to add the widget here and there you have it after that it appears so as as you add any other widget you add snap widget here and on your widget you will see photos which your friends are sending to you and if you snap any pictures that will appear on your friend's home screen so that's basically the idea and yeah so you can either take a photo or you can send a drawing you can send some doodle you can change the camera here's also some history and you can also upload photos so that's basically it kind of like a universal app very easy to use in locket widget you can only send camera photos you i don't think you can upload and you can't draw in locate widget here you can draw in some other apps like noted widget you can also send a quick video to your friend's home feed so yeah that's about it here you can see all the explanations how to add the widget uh you can just see all the feedback uh if you want maybe if you want to delete an account or all your data you can just reach out here at feedback and then just do it here you can sign out or like the app so that's basically the idea um [Music] so definitely give a try to this app seems it's very interesting and nice nicely done cool design and that's why probably it's in top charts in social networking there are only 92 ratings so far average rating is 4.8 out of 5. such a good idea great concept it actually works amazing best app so my friends try adding me but you have to send a link and when i press the link it sends me to the app store so something is not working but you can always reach out to app support if you just tap here um so then you can just reach out so here you have some kind of contact form where you can just reach out to developers and if there are some like big bugs you can try to solve that so hopeful this is helpful and thank you for watching

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