SnapWidget app - how to create an account?

so here's snappy jet app so let's just install it on iphone it's climbing in charts in social networking and this is the app which is one of one of the alternatives to lock it widget so there is also another app live peak live in or something like that uh so this is this is the app um share moments to friends widget draw doodle videos for friends uh snap photos easily from the app history of the memories and your friends and loved ones so yeah kind of an app which uses widget so basically widget is like a frame you can add on your home screen and in that in that frame you will see all the images and doodles from from your loved one or from your friends so let me just show you so that's basically the app uh you can set it up then you just need to create an account and then there should be some verified phone number yay really amazing feature then you just need to enter your name then you just need to add the widget to your home screen so you see instructions here step one long press any empty space in your home screen until your app jiggle tap the plus button in the top left center of your home screen search for snap widget and tap add widget so uh let's start and then you can just allow notifications so then you can also give access to camera so that's basically that and then yeah you can go to your friend list you can give access to your contacts uh and that's basically it so okay so to add it okay here you see live peak widget but to add that app just tap on the plus icon and then you can add snap widget and then you can select widget size and then here is your snap widget so something around that

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