in this video we're gonna go through app which is called snap widget photo and drawing so this is the app which helps you to add your friends to your home screen so you can share moments to your friends widget you can draw doodles for your friends you can take live videos you can set up separate widgets uh and all of that and recently there is a new update that video and live photo are now supported so anyhow let's just open the app so here is how it looks like and uh yeah that's the overview you can add photos or live videos you can upload pictures uh you can change the direction of the of the camera and you can add friends in the top right so you can add friends from contacts uh you can just tap add and that's basically how you add friends so sync your contacts with snap widget app uh add people from there and then you will be able to uh yeah to to add people like your friends it's not possible to search friends in some like open database here or something so it's only your iphone contacts um so yeah for example then the next step what you need to do is you need to add a widget itself so just tap and hold until you see all the apps jiggling then just search for snap widget and here you can add that so just tap that widget um then also if you tap and hold on it you can add a separate widget for a separate friend so there are all friends you can select and then you can select specific friend for for who you want to add this widget so that's basically the idea uh of of the app um and yeah and then if i add this widget so friends who are sent me pictures so there are pictures will appear on my home screen and if now i send a picture so okay i can't submit a picture yet because i don't have friends but if i send this picture i can submit it to specific friend and then this picture will appear on that home screen so now you you have history in top left there is live so you can add live pictures it's a new feature that you can also add uh uh some different images and stuff like that so that's also interesting so you can send drawings because in a lot of apps similar to snap widget it is only possible to send uh you know photos or drawings but here this app is cool because it combines two things so sometimes you just want to send a photo sometimes you want to send a drawing and sometimes maybe rarely you want to send video or live photo or something like that so all of that will be included in widget and we'll have like a live display and will be displayed uh yeah on the on the home screen in the widget then there are some settings uh here you can see all the tutorials here uh how to do that then there is feedback in case in case you want to reach out to some feedback uh do you have any questions or concerns let us know and attach a screenshot or screen recording so we can help solve the problems for you and improve your in-app experience uh so then you will just have all this information included you can also add something like delete like if you want to delete your account or personal data this is the place to do it so that's basically the idea so yeah something like that so then there is uh okay so you can also of course like the app uh give it a like and that's basically it so there are new updates coming uh as you can see now you can add a live photo also you can upload photos so in the in the bottom left you can tap and upload your photos from here i don't know one why there is no option to upload video right from the app so i don't know why why where that option should be so that's that it is not possible to zoom in or zoom out in this app at this moment um and then of course sorry you have a history of all your uh pictures here so that's basically that um then you can go to to the app store you can see there are just 570 ratings um so but average rating is pretty high four point seven out of five sweet enough um so cool and funny uh it needs a phone number uh so some people are concerned that you can only create an account with a phone number um so that's yeah so that's the issue here uh great app uh i don't know how to add france such a good idea so widget sometimes sometimes widget doesn't appear so sometimes that uh so people uh people can't find the widget it doesn't appear um so yeah it can be the issue also for the locket widget or for like widget files so basically if you tap and hold for some devices and you try to search for snap widget it doesn't appear here so uh yep so it doesn't appear and so people advise just to try a few minutes or like restart your phone restart your wi-fi and try to add friends first and try to take a picture or something like that uh because for example i tried install widget pile app which is a similar app to this you can also try it out but they also have this issue when you try to install the widget it's not installed actually so um you should get awesome actually works update love the idea amazing it doesn't work when i try to add a friend boss of our links don't work your boss register and instantaneous boss the app store don't let me view my history won't let me add friends um i really like this really extensive developer replies here uh so that's that anyways this is the app this is an overview definitely give it a try it's a free app there is no upgrade so it's just like having fun with your friends no ads so far so as as far as allowing all these features for you just try it out have fun and it's really cool app for like you know distance relationship or even if you want to surprise your friends and have a cooler relationship with your friends just be more creative not just texting each other for hours but you can just also have this real time widget and maybe there will be more updates coming uh more features maybe better drawing feature maybe uh yes some other cool things there is so much potential i actually think there is a big future in this widget apps maybe because yeah it's kind of brings down the gap between you know you need to go to your app you need to open the app and send a photo or text here you just you know open your phone and on your screen you just see the photos of your relatives of friends or loved ones so that's pretty cool you don't need to do some uh additional actions and all of that so that's that's kind of cool um so yeah that's the idea of the app uh hope it is helpful uh thank you for watching check out my youtube channel and my blog and see you in the next videos

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