hey everyone so what is social club app uh it's it's appears in the top charts of the US App Store suddenly I'm just curious to see what the app is about uh it says your vid friendly Community um yeah so you kind of understand what this app is about uh this is your community you decide what to turn it into plus it's feed friendly uh I don't think that this app went to the top charts just because of this but yeah also because there is some turmoil in Twitter right now and people are actively researching for some Twitter Alternatives which app can feel kind of a bit similar to Twitter and yeah bring some similar vibes so all kinds of apps are now going into the top charts which are kind of similar to Twitter so yeah and also this app is itself yeah you can find these Niche communities here so you can describe share interesting content it's a true open platform this is your community decide what to turn it into and also at the size like wheat friendly so you just open the app you create your account with like Google Apple ID then you just have you just have your feed here do you have your profile um you can yeah you can create posts uh there are terms of service so you can upload photos and videos then you can see your activity similar as on Twitter comments mentions friends love um yeah then there is also DM experience so you can message someone so you can send a DM to to someone and then just start the chat so you can do it to follow someone just go to someone's profile or just tap on this green icon and then you can follow you can turn off post notifications if you don't want to be notified every time then you can just add friends like this in the top right part so you can also do that uh so here you add in France uh choose from so to do like that so easy to search Friends by username you can just search see search results and then just add people if you want so yeah then there is your profile you have settings in the top right you can copy a profile URL um see all of all of that uh if you're not happy with your privacy or you just want to delete your account just tap delete account in the bottom and from here yeah if you continue your profile photos videos comments likes and followers will be permanently deleted this cannot be undone I absolutely sure so and then just tap delete me to confirm so you can do that yeah just edit your profile change your profile pictures just change your bio uh and then you can see positive you liked so yeah kind of super similar overview as on Twitter so you have your Twitter feed you see how many likes how many comments you can share that um yeah and then you also have again add in France a very like minimalistic experience you can really understand what's going on then you just have all the uh yeah discover feed where it's kind of like Instagram so this app is kind of mixed of Instagram and Twitter and of course it's like a read friendly app that's like the niche community of this app but I think it's just getting out of it also it's touching other niches it's um kind of one of the like relaxed alternatives for Twitter in addition to Mastodon so it's clamping in charts these days so definitely worth checking out maybe your community is using it or something like that so definitely give it a try if you yeah just you know searching for some alternative social media apps but other than that uh yeah uh that's just my overview uh hope you enjoyed it

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