Social Ghost - Analyze Profile - app overview

so this app is called social ghost analyze profile so let's just install it so just tap cat and then uh yeah you can use touch id to install and this is the app which helps you to report to see reports and insights for your instagram you can see people who unfollowed you and new followers track your stories performance see who interacted with your profile easily find your following story set your favorites in the list so yeah a lot of different interesting features and [Music] social ghost allows you to easily discover your accounts need to known informations and analytics you will and we and while critical information for social goals identify who like your posts most and least so let's just open up so here is social ghost and what then you can just do is that you just need to log in with your instagram and basically yeah you just need to here have your account logged in and then you will see the dashboard it says your account is completely safe social ghost never sees or stores your instagram password so shall ghost never take an action on your behalf social goals doesn't share or sell your data to any other company and yeah so there you have it this that's an overview um and yep so that's the idea of the app and then uh yeah basically you will be able oops something's not working so you'll be able to see all these reports and insights and all of that so interesting apps there are so many apps like instagram tracker or something like that which can help you out with this task but other than that uh thank you for watching

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