Socialrebel app - is it legit? Full overview

hello everyone so here is this app which is called social rebel it's recently going viral so the idea is that you can just install this uh not an app is you can just use it via your browser on mobile and then um you can either refer people to it um to earn money or you can complete different tasks like install some apps follow some tutorials achieve some milestones and then you are paid like real cash i'm not sure if it's like a scam or not completely please leave your suggestions in the comments below just interesting to know what are you thinking so yeah here you can see just for signing up i earned 50 dollars so that's like pretty cool um then uh yeah i can just um go to there are two options to earn using offer center um you can just start different apps and earn money so for example you just need to install open and complete level 10 to earn 120 dollars install open and complete wedding day to earn like 45 dollars and all of that and so just by installing the app i earned like 50 dollars but can i withdraw them nope um you need to have balance at least 120 dollars to withdraw and then you need to add like paypal or something like that on the left sidebar you just have this um you can also earn up to 900 just on the social pay so let's try for example if it's real money so if i just tap on twitter so if i do this i and i just copy it with content then okay let's try to go to twitter so here it is then okay i'll just switch to one of other accounts for mr hakio by the way and let's let's pass it and yeah let's just tweet um then i just need to go to the tweet copy link to this tweet and then just submit tweet here so yeah [Music] they said that your tweet has been submitted for review right now our social team is manually reviewing twitter so there you have it so now uh i can see that total harness is um yeah so wrote the first cash out is not actually that easy so you need to have like clicks you need to send invites you need to have some commission and you need to have offer so only after that you will be able to cash out so it's not that easy but maybe it's good because then maybe it's not completely like a scam app and then there is your account it's super easy to create an account uh to add payment method you can just change it here and yeah that's about it then there are some gifts but that's these are all the accounts uh and there are some surveys and all of that but there are there aren't like unlimited amount of accounts here so or tasks so for example that's how it looks like so what you need to do is then just go to that app and we follow the link and then for example install it so yeah that's the idea um [Music] so yeah that's the real app and real everything so yeah that's how it works um so yeah that's about that what about people and then you can just earn like a lot of these amounts just here and then [Music] because if you in on your account just set up all this referral link on all of that to social rebel you will you can earn just via using referrals so earn two dollars per click and twenty dollars per sign up so if you know some um yeah some audiences or you have a big following somewhere just put that uh in your description or somewhere i will also leave it below this video so please uh yeah visit social rebel using my referral link so that's how it works um yeah that's the app i'm super interested to see like your thoughts on it were you able to withdraw it uh do you think this app is legit or it's a scam you will you will just complete all these tasks but you will never be able to get your money into the bank you see because this constant notifications that someone just withdraw like thousands of dollars to to their paypal or dollar but not sure if if it's this app is completely legit so just interesting to to see your opinions um yeah so that's the app by the way they're not available on app store google play store so they're just here in the browser but there you have it uh hope it is helpful guys thanks for watching like and subscribe visit my website mr hack. um check out my podcast in description there is a link to really increase everything so just check it out and thank you see you around                                                                                                                                        

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