SocialRebel - how to invite?

hello um so how to create an invite or referral in social rebel app so here is the app social rebel dot app slash referrals so this is an app where you know you can just create links like in white links and like other people can sign up using this link so feel free to sign up here share the social rebel dot app slash android g so this is my invite then you can just sign up to this app i can earn some kind of bonuses and then of course when you sign up you can create your own invite but the whole idea of this app is that you have this all different tasks in the apps so download the apps below or you know do some surveys in the app do some tasks um like uh answer some uh simple questions uh or you know all of that and then you can just earn some revenue and something like that so yeah uh the thing here is that uh you know there are some apps like insta work or something like that where you need to do like physical work and and earn some cash here you can just do that and earn some minimum cash which you know doing some app work like or some software just doing some testing or like qa or something like that and earn like 20 bucks 30 bucks but bear in mind that uh that yeah to cash out it's not that easy you need to complete a lot of tasks to have basically be able to uh to cash it out so you need to you need to meet the following requirements you need to have a lot of clicks you need to have invites and complete offers and then offers commission so there you have it [Music] so yeah um so here's the invite guide so that's why use my link uh and then create your own or you know uh yeah that's basically i hope this app is not uh you know is legit i'm just doing like you know an explanation for you if you don't like it don't use it i just want to test myself if it can actually work um so yeah that's the app it's an interesting concept uh you can again the idea is that you can test apps you can complete service you can post on social media for everyone and earn some revenue here and it's an interesting concept because there you know there is like a whole like resignation big resignation happening right now there are so much no online distance learning opportunities so yeah try it out and thank you for watching

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