Soda app - you need to pay to add friends…

Soda app - you need to pay to add friends…

Recently, there has been a buzz surrounding the Soda app, a platform designed to help users make new friends. However, it appears that the app is facing criticism due to a major issue - the introduction of a payment system for adding friends. This new feature resembles the approach taken by the popular socializing app, Wink. While some users find it intriguing, the general sentiment is that charging users to connect with friends is not received well.

Previously, users could accept friend requests without any cost. However, with the latest update, individuals are required to pay in order to see who has sent them a friend request. This change has left many users disappointed and longing for the app's previous version. The sudden switch has led to various reactions, including users deleting the app and moving to alternatives.

To add friends on Soda, now users have to upgrade to a subscription plan called "Soda Plus." This upgrade is necessary for individuals who want to simply accept friend requests, resulting in a somewhat restricted free version of the app. Many are expressing their displeasure with the new approach, stating that it feels like an unnecessary burden to connect with others.

In addition to the payment requirement, there is another added layer - the need for verification. Users now have to go through a verification process to ensure their authenticity. While this measure aims to create a safer and more trustworthy environment, it adds an extra step for users to connect with others.

As the app evolves, it is important to take user feedback into account. Soda's decision to implement a payment system for adding friends may have been an attempt to monetize the platform, but it risks alienating a significant portion of its user base. Striking a balance between revenue generation and user satisfaction will be crucial in determining the app's future success.

In conclusion, the recent introduction of a payment system for adding friends on the Soda app has sparked mixed opinions among users. While some appreciate the similarities with the Wink app, a substantial number of users find it concerning that they now have to upgrade to Soda Plus to accept friend requests. The added requirement of user verification further complicates the process. As the app faces criticism, it remains to be seen how Soda's development team will address these issues and respond to user feedback.

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