SODA Make New Friends app - How to USE? Is Wink shutting down?

The SODA Make New Friends app has been climbing the charts, but it seems that not everyone is thrilled about it potentially replacing the Wink app. Users have expressed their dissatisfaction, suggesting that they preferred Wink over SODA. It is unfortunate to see Wink disappear, as some users have reported that SODA is not a suitable replacement. One of the main complaints is that SODA only offers audio calling, which not everyone feels comfortable with. The developer of SODA needs to address this concern.

For those interested in trying out the SODA app, the process is relatively straightforward. After downloading and opening the app, users can create an account and customize their AI avatar. Unlike some other social apps, SODA does not use real photos. Users also have the option to connect their crypto wallet, specifically Phantom Wallet, to the app for added convenience. Once set up, users can tap the chat button and apply filters to select who they want to chat with. The app then opens a random audio chat, providing a simple way to connect with others.

Upgrading to a premium account in SODA is also an option. For $10 per month, $5 per week, or $25 for three months, users can access additional features and benefits. The settings within the app allow users to manage their account, with both Wink ID and SODA seemingly mixed together—an odd integration that could use clarification.

As for rewards, SODA offers gems, its in-app currency, to users. By upgrading, users can receive free gems every week and even claim 100 gems just for logging in. Additionally, logging into the app every day for six days straight can reward users with up to 500 gems.

While SODA has its own appeal, it is clear that many users prefer the Wink app. Wink, from the same developer, offers more features and functions like swiping to make friends and Wink Live, which enables random video chats. It appears that Wink provides a more advanced and versatile experience compared to the audio-centric nature of SODA.

In conclusion, the SODA Make New Friends app has gained popularity but faces some criticism from users who prefer the Wink app. While SODA offers a simple way to connect with others through audio chats, its limitations and perceived shortcomings have left many questioning its viability as an alternative. The choice between SODA and Wink ultimately depends on users' preferences and needs when it comes to making new friends online.

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