hello everyone so here is solid tension extension which is i think one of the top wallets for solana uh so let's just add it to chrome and see how that works and let's just create a new wallet together because it has hundred thousand plus users so it's pretty cool extension now i can just add it to chrome this takes some time it's it says it's checking and then it says solid has been added to chrome so similar to you metamask whereas i just added uh phantom and i also created another video about phantom so go check it out there are a bunch of other wallets here you can see all of them here and then i can just go here and i guess i just need to tap on solid to create new wallet so the process of creating a wallet is super straightforward you just tap on extension and the first screen you will see is the your seed price so it can have yeah just a lot of like seed phrase yeah it's basically like in metamask or anywhere else and yep and then you just have a backup file save that create new password and then you just can have that so now yeah you just have a solana wallet you can see your domains similar to ancient mice and ethereum you can swap tokens migrate tokens add talk and search tokens you can select different network so here are all of these different networks you can import hardware wallet you can also delete you can see connected apps here so you can manage them there so yeah and then if you want to unlock wallet you need to just log in with your password so super straightforward um that's yeah if you want to restore wallet obviously you need to see it right so just store it somewhere safe and then uh using solid wallet you can connect to apps like rca which is like a decentralized exchange from solana so for example on the turing we have something like uni swap or pancake swap sushi swap but here it is for persona here so very hard hope it is helpful

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