Some of BeReal memories are missing - what you can do?

so if you go to your be real memories some users are reporting that actually some of their uh be real memories are missing and yeah like so I I actually don't know what's the issue with that there are some possible reasons like for me it happened when I took a be real deleted it took another burial and then the there was still was only one memory so you can still have one memory per day it's not possible to have two memories if you you can be real deleted and retook you still have one memory so and that memory I think it will be still attached to the first video YouTube or something like that so in case you're taking two barrels per day and then deleting some of it it will create some issues for sure um so another possible reason could be that there is some kind of burial bug you know the real app is going viral it has tens of millions of users it's infrastructure servers are under complete pressure uh maybe there is some kind of bug or something like that but the real team is working really hard to to resolve all of it and it's much less buggy now another reason is that maybe you just um deleted your memory if you tap delete memory it's not recoverable so if you delete it and forgot it that can be the reason um other than that um you can deactivate your memories um like if you deactivated your members also it's non-recoverable you can all always um uh yeah go to troubleshooting articles uh here are some of my memories are missing uh so and here they have this idea is probably because you change time zones changing your time zone from the setting delete your latest be real it's impossible to record the deleted uh be real once you change the time zone if you haven't changed times on follow the steps below completely quit under open the app and sure you have a strong signal right until you receive the next burial notification Tech and possibly go to your profile to your memories then if you still a memory is missing you can still get in touch like this so there you have it um so I hope that can be helpful

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