Sonar Create Worlds Together APP OVERVIEW

hey everyone so here is this new trending app which enters the top 100 apps on social media on us app store so just interesting to see how it works so it's it's called was voice chat music and games create walls together so you can meet new friends you can do live typing voice chat explore create collect perform play games all of that so pretty interesting so sonora lets you listen to music play games and talk with friends in spaces you create work in and out of conversations like in real life express yourself as texts and hundreds of secret sound bites drop emojis to create the perfect vibe for you and your friends to explore festival archives tea houses and other spices created by the community so let's just explore to see how it works um so yeah you can also log in with the wallet or you can log in with your phone number like in kind of old ways and i'll just enter my username no you can see contacts or no you can get in white cards or no and then there you have it so now you're inside the app so you can swipe to move and it creates this kind of nice vibrations i don't know actually what's happening here i can air horn and i can just listen to some music i can mute i can add front and you can allow notifications so that's basically how it works uh so that's my home and then i can just enter i guess all the other rooms i made another one so i'm just playing some games [Music] so that's basically i think that's like the idea so there are different games where you can just play and i don't know like what three dot is whatever so here's the closer i move the more sound i get it's interesting i don't know exactly how that works so there is a new person here and now i'm moving here so that's fun i just need to how exactly that works then i can just add friends i can sync my contacts and there are all these games i can for example if i search for someone then i can just view profile add a friend always notify now or notify stuff [Music] then here i can just create my dimension i can invite to this so that's cool and then there are messages at some friends then there is my profile i can easily log out so that's my home here that's my profile how many coins i have i can add discord instagram tick tock at twitter and then there are all these additional settings so yeah so this is my invite code which i can use to invite people i can connect wallet and yeah so i just need to move my phone to access all the settings which is kind of funny [Music] so yeah that's basically the idea interesting app interesting concept still didn't fully grasp it and what this is about so this is my home again but i'm just showing in case you want to try it out and just never tried it before so that's the idea of the app really nice hope it is helpful and in the bottom here i have my spaces so that's the app probably this episode like start of this metaverse what what's like mark zuckerberg zuckerberg is talking about so there you have it that's the app i hope you enjoyed this quick video follow me subscribe on youtube check out my website and check out my podcasts you can just find all of that in the links below thank you for watching                                                                                                                                                                    

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