SoulChill app - how to create account?

so here's the interesting app which is called Soul chill go chat and social it's climbing in the top charts in social networking category on the US App Store so I was just curious okay let's just explore it um so so social voice chat tags group and private voice room talk live stream congratulations so I'll chill for breaking 5 million fans it's a chilling chat space for sellers to engage so there are almost every week apps like that climbing in the App Store like all this random video chat apps just yet to be honest just try to be careful there are a bunch of spam apps in this category like very low quality apps and yeah just be careful you need to agree and then I just create an account with my Apple ID that's basically how you create your account very easily you can also do it with Facebook Google and then your phone number so then you can just set up your uh name and then uh so then you can just select your birthday for example uh and then there you have it so I can just select this and then Hometown you just need to enter and that's basically how you create your account um then you can choose your own tag so here you have some questions and then you have this kind of result and then you can just match your soulmate so there you have it that's basically how you match on this app and how you create an account

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