Soulful AI app - Talkie - how to use?

I recently came across a trending AI app called Toki, an AI chatbot app that is quickly climbing the charts. It seems to be competing with Character AI, another popular app in this space. But is Toki actually better than Character AI? Let's dive in and find out.

I've had the opportunity to try out both Character AI and Toki, and I must say, Toki has a unique focus on anime. When you open the app, you'll be greeted by various anime characters who can message you and engage in conversation. One notable difference from Character AI is that Toki has characters who proactively message you and includes audio messages, giving it a more visual and immersive experience.

While Character AI primarily focuses on chat functionality, Toki offers an array of pre-generated characters with beautiful backgrounds. However, it's worth noting that Toki is just getting started, and we can expect more features to be added in the future. One exciting feature is the ability to create your own bot. By uploading your photo, the app will generate an AI version of you, allowing you to create a personalized AI bot.

Managing chats in Toki is straightforward, with all conversations conveniently located in the top left corner. Unfortunately, there's no option to hide or delete chats from your history. The app also offers settings where you can adjust the AI's proactive messaging behavior. Additionally, there's a Stalking Creator Certificate feature, which allows creators to authenticate their work and maintain privacy during interactions. Joining the app's Discord community is another option available for users.

Toki includes a wallet feature where users can purchase gems, likely to facilitate additional chat interactions. The pricing for gems ranges from $2 for 180 gems, and there's also a Toki Plus subscription option available for $9.99 per month. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of cards. While it's not entirely clear what these cards are used for, they provide additional information and audio messages unique to each character. It's an intriguing addition and highlights the app's advancements in AI character interaction.

If you find yourself unsure of how to respond during a conversation, Toki offers a suggestion feature where you can access pre-written suggestions. This can be particularly helpful if you're feeling stuck or want to explore different conversation paths.

In conclusion, Toki is an exciting new app in the AI chatbot space. While it's hard to definitively say whether it's better than Character AI, it certainly offers a unique anime-focused experience. If you're looking for a change from Character AI or simply curious about the world of AI chatbots, I recommend giving Toki a try. It's early days for the app, but it shows great potential for further development and enhancements.

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