Soundmojis on Messenger preview

hey everyone so here is a an update from facebook they are introducing sound emojis on the messenger app so probably you should update your messenger app but i think some modules are coming to more devices soon um so this is just like a next level emoji where you can send short sound clips ina messenger chat ranging from clapping cricket drum roll or laughter and even some audio clips from your favorite artists and shows movies like brooklyn nine-nine netflix and all of that so basically the idea is as you can see here when you just tap on like [Music] in the top right and in the bottom right when you just tap on emojis you will then be able to access the sound icon in the right and then then you will have sound modes so for example if i go to my messenger for some reason i don't have it so if i just tap here i just have stickers and gifs but if you scroll to the right you will should see some kind of like sound icon and then these are sound modes so yeah so something like that um [Music] not sure if uh if it's available worldwide or for for who it's already available because i just updated my messenger app i still don't have it but anyways if you just go here and scroll to the right you should see this sound icon

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