so hello everyone uh in this video we're gonna go through super trending app uh which went viral and it's called spam app so i'm not encouraging you for spam or anything that's just the name of the app um yep which probably just went while on tick tock this is how it looks like and as you can see it's in the top charts in the in the app store um right now it's it's really amazing um so what this app is about so in this app you can share the randomized photos and videos if you can post it to your insta share share it on this app the best the fastest way to share moments is your friends just add them to your list and photos and tag and they are shared instantly this app is authentic no filters no editing no public likes no previews no judges and non-toxic social media apps that works like an instant camera you can share as much as you want every day and don't have friends you can also find friends here a memory role with your friends casual photos just captures more share without judgement the feelings always mutual so that's the app and why is it going viral so of course one of the reasons probably because you know it just went viral on tick tock and like this is how the apps these days go wire like remember widget locket widget app or noted app and also there is a massive demand because like instagram it's like too much pressure to perfectionist so you someone just needs the app where you can just share the photos like some casual photos and just hang out with his friends and all of that without so much pressure without just instagram perfectionism and all that so let's just open that um easily create your account um yeah this is just my table so easily create your account um uh you just need your us phone number i think it's yeah it's not possible to add any other phone number just us one um so just do that and then yeah uh you just need to receive verification and then basically uh yeah you just have your username um and then yeah so important thing is to make sure that you set up your username correctly in this app because uh yeah you can't change it later i try to change it later it's not possible so just be careful there but on the good side there are not many people registering so you can still register like your first time username so as you can see in my case so that's pretty cool and then then basically what happens like so you see this role so basically the overview of my photos and this is the photos role in this app as as you can it looks still nice interesting but it's not instagram there are a lot of like not perfect photos and gifs so just let you know the whole idea of that is that you share like some casual photos with your friends and then just add them in in the role but basically let's just show me so for example i'm just taking the photo of this i just took one photo and as you can see the it keeps counting on the bottom right near the like a paper plane icon and then if i don't do anything it will just automatically share tomorrow so there you have it and now it's just shared as as you can see and it's shared to list of my friends if i only just take a photo like this it will be a photo but before i took the photo uh it i took a few photos and now you can see it's like automatically give uh but uh yeah now when it's a photo it's just one photo and then i can see all of that if i want i can just tap and hold and i can just you know i can feature i can make kit public i can delete it i can add a note i can share it or anyways i can just delete it so that's basically how it looks like so that's the idea of course the fun part is friends so you can add friends you can just search friends by username or you can then you can just add them here you can just invite people from your contact list so that's also what you can do and of course it's encouraging to just share the app to your friends more popular and all of that and then when you share these emails with your friend see so that's kind of this casual way of sharing the casual moments um so and then there is like a chat where you can just hang out with friends um yeah just you know see what's happening and you can also comment on people's photos and people conversations just someone took a photo you commenting on it and someone can reply you you can also report it you can share the photo share the screenshot or something on snapchat on instagram um so yeah every day you go on the on the this app you earn score so add point for each day and and more so basically if i go to my profile you will see my score is one because i just opened this app today and then you can see the number of friends you have i can send notifications to my friends if they don't have the app and then i can just remind them to send them again and now i will show you really cool stuff like basically how this app is going viral so i think what they did is super smart it's like amazing so in the profile you can get verified together you don't need to submit some form or some proof that you're a big influencer and all of that so you just need to link your instagram or tick tock uh to do that uh you just need to copy this code which is basically a link linked to the app uh add the code below to your instagram or tick tock by and then tap verify to get then your check mark your verification will last as long as you keep the code in your bio so that's basically it then you can just go to your tick tock and tap verify and then like tick tock icon will become yellow so for example i will just tick talk so here is my tick tock and then if i go to my profile um you will see that in my description i have this link to the app by the way following the cool videos about apps and software tick tock and then my tick tock became here and i just basically get verified but i don't have 10 samsung followers on instagram tick tock and i don't have a green icon but if you do you can get a green one if you have hundred thousand on either insta or tick tock so you don't need both then you get a blue icon so that's cool you can also add snapchat and you can also add twitter it's possible to change your name here add some description change profile color um yeah but uh and also upload profile picture but it's not possible to change username again i didn't figure it out yet so that's that's what it is at this moment so yep um what else is fun here so yeah just basically this is how the app works you just you know post some stuff and just engage with his friends in the top right here when you try to post something it's just like a support icon just in case you just want then you know to reach out to the team i think this is like quite an indie team so it's not like a large corporation but it's like few cool developers who build this app so that's amazing work and then but yeah if you want to reach out to them or you know ask some question or feedback or even if you're not sure about your data and let's just want to delete your data or just completely delete your account just to be safe you just maybe want to reach out here there is no option to do it right in the app at this moment so yep you can also add some other links as you can see my social links are yellow here um so that's that that's so far i've been exploring it and that's what i have found interesting in this app yeah so that's that's basically what it's looks like um and then here for example if i go just to the feed and i want to you know to see some feed or i can see like this cat i can again just comment something add a comment send it here and then maybe someone will reply you can engage you can send a like or i can send a reaction uh here so yeah just cool way to engage and then you will see you can go to the french profile you can see how who she is verified don't like you can report the user and all of that so says just you know an exploration and then there is your friends role and then there is feature troll and then you get the notifications when uh yep so there you have it um so that's that it's just like an overview how to use this app i didn't use it a lot but it went viral on tiktok and that's yeah that's what it is at this moment super cool hopefully there are a lot of new updates this app is not that buggy everything seems to be working mostly fine i tried it out there wasn't like a bit a lot of bugs and a lot of glitches and all of that as you know probably in the new apps uh when you open an account some things are like just super buggy here it just seems fine so that's kind of cool but it's a nice release and many apps which are like you know trying to compete to instagram and add this casualness and add this you know like just removes this pressure from like perfect worth of instagram like i don't know there were like some dispo app or lapse app where you could add these like filters and create like cool party photos but there are a bunch of apps in this category already and of course the whole matte hours i think is just like you know when you're hiding under avatars and you don't want to expose um like this uh some like perfect world um so anyway this is just like my thoughts but give a try to this app uh and okay so there are some privacy settings uh you can see uh you that you can make your photos public you can update your uh privacy settings at any moment or only friends can see it so yeah it's here you can share it and here's how you can just change the visibility settings hope that is helpful check out my tick tock check out my youtube i also have blog and podcast anyway see you in the next videos hope it was helpful

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