hey everyone so what is spam app shares a random must uh so that's like interesting app if you can't post it to your insta share it on spam apps the fastest way to share moments is your friends just add them to your spam list as photos you take a shared instantly spam app is authentic no filters no editing no public likes no previews and then yeah so let's just install the app and let's see how it works so yep a memory roll with your with your friends casual photos just capture more share without judgement the feeling is always mutual so interesting app and you can see that the size of the app is 113 megabytes uh and let's just install it it's recently just entered top charts in the lifestyle category um but i think maybe it's also like a social networking app so yeah it's quite interesting why it's like you know out of nowhere basically it just became like a top app so sorry for waiting through this and yeah finally let's just open an account and here is some introduction we wanted to create a healthier social media app and you loved the idea thousands of us got together on tick tock and discord to build spammers community you can post without judgement mike memories is friends and direct this is just the beginning and we can't wait to see you uh using this app so cool idea try to create an account uh you need to give permissions to notifications contacts and then you can just tap continue and then you can just enter your phone number but this should be a us phone number only so let's just oops then you just need to verify your code unfortunately i think this app is not available uh outside of your ass at this moment or maybe it's available but just you need like a us phone number so then i just need to set my username so i just claimed my username i just set my age it's cool that i reserved my first name username so then i can just add a friend then i just need to add more friends here and then i can just keep it so they ask you to add more friends but then you can just start is here so there you have it now you just created your account um so okay let's just send the peak so here is and then then i can just send it again and that's basically it so i just basically send this random photos to my list to my friends which are on the list and then that's basically uh and then you yep you just add a point for each day you send these messages so hope that is helpful

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