Spark Creative Play app - glitchy, doesn’t work - what you can do?

so here's this trendy app spark but by Mariah Elizabeth and her I think it's really cool app it's a bit glitchy at this moment maybe because it's just jumping the top charts in the US app store or I don't know why uh but yeah basically it's yeah it's just taking some time to lot I think my my Wi-Fi is pretty fast uh but yeah it's just a bit slow I would say I don't know maybe it will be resolved when yeah when in near future because maybe the the servers are not ready yet as this app was just released um so yeah Samsung that other than that it's a really cool idea if you don't understand it's like Instagram but instead of like taking photos you just draw images so you just make drawings like this cool animations and you can see like what people can draw with like very basic uh drawing tool setup in iPhone um so yeah it's pretty cool yeah hope uh this can be helpful um yeah if you have any other suggestions uh yeah just leave them in the comments below

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