Spark Moriah Elizabeth app - Oops Something Went Wrong Error - what you can do?

so I'm going through the reviews of a spark app by Mariah Elizabeth the famous YouTuber and there are a lot of reviews here that there is some glitch on error which just says oops something went wrong so if you also encountered this error yeah you are not alone uh yeah is this is just happening to many people especially when users try to create a new account that that's what's happening there um yeah so unfortunately this is what it is uh the support says that we experienced some early launch issues and have worked hard in the last 10 48 hours to iron out the Kings um so probably it should be resolved soon make sure to update your app and yeah because this app is in the top charts of um like U.S app store right now scrolling really fast actually so congrats but probably some server site or something like that is just not uh responding yet so yeah there you have it um what else I can say you can always reach out to their support you can tweet them uh but that's what it is if you have any other suggestions just leave them in the comments below

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