so here's speed test app so let's just tap go and yep that's how you do a sp test so i would really recommend you to download an app for that of course if you do want to do some great quick speed tests you you can use like speedtest.net just use your internet browser and go to the browser um [Music] but yeah here if you're using the app first you will have like all your results so that's a very helpful feature then there are settings you can see some additional analytics some different seams but the most useful feature for the app first it's it's just easy to use second uh yeah you just have um yeah you just have uh your results here that's what's helpful for me and then you can also reach out to support speed test help and yeah then there are videos take a video test you can now merge your video streaming experience from the convenience of your speed test our video test will play a few short clips to measure the quality of video on your network tap on the play button to do that so that's basically a new feature you know because a lot of us we are just watching netflix or youtube that's the main feature of internet or hbo or some other streaming service and we just like that internet should be fast primarily for this reason so you have like high dimensions of video working and then in the bottom you will see all this like testing so here you can see max resolution foolish [Music] yep so that's like as you can see full hd [Music] is good for video on mid size laptop mid-size tvs large tablets large phones so that's that and then you can also enable vpn also in speed test which is another interesting feature which you can try out so yeah that's the three features of speed test net speed video and vpn i haven't tried vpn from them [Music] but i don't know yeah how much is that what is the pricing and all of that so if i want to let's see okay remove ads it's just 0.99 cents but not sure if it's one-time payment if it's a subscription so let's just see so okay it's just one time payment so there is not even a subscription and i don't know probably there is no uh vpn subscription as well so you can get some vpn service so that's that um hope that is helpful

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