SPELL TOKEN - can you buy on Coinbase?

hello everyone so here is coinbase app so let's just search if i can buy spell token here if i just search for spell spell token seems it's available on coinbase and then yeah seems you can just try that here it increased 71 percent during the one months spell is an ethereum token that governs abracadabra dot money a platform that lets users deposit collateral in the form of interest bearing crypto assets such as all these assets in order to mean beam a stable concept attempts to maintain a value of use one dollar spell can be stacked to earn c spell which grants governance rights and other rewards so that's that then you can go to official website abracadabra.money abracadabra that money is a spellbook that allows users to produce magic internet money user spellcaster can provide collateral in the form of fire of interest beyond crypto assets so yeah hope that is helpful

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