Spill app - by former Twitter employees - what is it?

so what is spiel app uh this app is just going around right now on social media uh so you can access it by spielapp.com and Spiel is being led by diverse team of former Twitter employees so that's why this app is considered one of those apps like you know what a lot of Twitter employees left or were fired from the company and maybe some of them can really create this like really cool alternative for Twitter and so this return please say that they understand the challenges of social media today despite the challenges we believe that this medium is only in its infancy and Prime for its next Evolution as such we are building still using a large language model AI to improve content moderation and user support blockchain technology to credit and reward creators and partnership with major entertainment brands to break exclusive content worth talking about most critically we are focused on rewarding creators who frequently set new trends yet are routinely overlooked especially black women queer community and many other vibrant communities outside the U.S how you can help we are heads down on building the product towards the early Alpha launch in late January 2023 reserve your handle share this page and follow our Founders for the latest so that's what you can do here so here you can just what you can do at the moment you can just reserve your handle just by entering your name in my location and preferred handle so uh there you have it and yeah the app is not available yet at the moment as you can see the alpha probably will be available to the late January but yeah you can just go and discover this app and reserve your handle I was able to reserve my first name handle I didn't get like any confirmation email or something like that but uh like I was just able to reserve my handle hopefully and you can do it right now it's like if this app really blows up you can have a really nice handle like with your first name or something like that so yeah something like that go and Discover it

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