SplitWise app - how it works? Overview

here's interesting app which is called splitwise split expenses With Friends um yeah so probably you have been in a situation where you know you have a dinner with friends or you're going to the movie or uh uh you know like roommate splitting around an apartment builds group trips around the world and all of that um like there are so many situations where you need like a clear app how to split all the bills of course it's easy if you just you know having a small dinner together and then you can just send easily money your Apple or cash app or whatever app you're using but if it is a bit more complicated event uh some wedding or something like that then yeah it's like you know you it will involve some Excel like Google Sheets and all of that but you can do basic stuff with this app and I think it's it's pretty cool idea of course there are many many apps like like that in each country like in in Denmark there is like Mobile Pay in other countries you have other stuff um so yeah okay so then you just need to sign up or log in um sign up you can just sign up with your email address and password so yeah hope that is helpful

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