SpoofCard app overview & how to create account

hello everyone so here is proof card app so let's just install it on iphone and see how it works so let's just tap get as you can see there are 27 000 ratings so that's pretty impressive so here you can see uh you can try all the features for free um and then the idea is that you can use voice changer so it's like a voice changer app so you can call some number then you can add some background noise you can change voice uh you can add noises like you know dogs barking night club crowd call with wi-fi so it's kind of like a voice changer app um so that's so yeah there are different kind of reviews but average review seems pretty cool it's like 4.6 out of five so let's just go here and let's see how that works uh get free credits and then uh yeah you need to sign up here let's see if you can let's see if i can use not only us number but only also some international numbers and then yeah let's see if the code is arriving yep so it works it works not only with us but and then yeah i'll just add some like very basic test pin for the sake of this demo and there you have it so now i created an account and then i can just now use some number to call and then i can just color id display display some different number from which i want to call and then i also have five credits and then i can change my voice record call straight to voicemail background noise then i can see all the recordings i can see credits so this is the credits price here and then there are settings so here is my account um and yep so that's basically it

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