SpoofCard - change voice in the call, add background noise - app overview

here is this really cool app which is called spoof card where you can do a lot of cool things um first you can just call specific number and then you can just select different color id so you can just change the number from which you're calling and then or you can just display like if you're calling from one of your contacts i guess so that's actually pretty interesting then second scene what you can do you can just add a man or woman human voice here then you can also add like a some background noise so something like that then you can record call easily or you can just put the call straight to voicemail then you can just text someone from the app um you can record your spoof cord card calls you haven't record any calls yet tap the record call when setting up a call then you can just add credits and that's basically it so it's already enough like pretty cool app um so yeah if you want to find an app where you can just change your id or do all of these things spoof card is one of the top apps for that and as you can see i just signed up and i'm doing all of this for free um if if you sign up you're given like five credits so yeah then you can just have you can buy 100 credits for 19.99 or something like that so yep that's the idea you can always reach out for support from here or or in case you want to delete your data completely or something you can do it from here so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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