Spotify app redesign - overview

so Spotify is for Designing its app you should be able to get it when you update the app however I don't know the timeline when it should be available so Spotify wants to be much more than a music player and so its app is turning into much more than a bunch of album cars uh so yeah basically this is how it will look these days it kind of looks similar to tick tock combined with Instagram and with YouTube where you will just be swiping in vertical feed and this should make easier for you to discover more things in in Spotify ecosystem and get access to more artists not just some mainstream playlists and mainstream artists um so yeah so it says Spotify has been on a similar Relentless quest to nudge people towards content that's more differentiated and more profitable which often meant making is harder to listen to music that's why the app's new design seems to be in part man to create more dedicated space for all those new kinds of content um so yeah uh when you open Spotify you will see a bunch of album and playlist cars at the top but underneath you might see autoplaying video podcast which can jump into the tab um yeah like so you will be able to uh to just go to to the show and then you just uh scrolling down like uh like Tick Tock however it's not yet available for me uh I don't know I updated the app but uh yeah it's not here yet so if you just uh keep scrolling this interface is not it's not here you just see these blocks so yeah it should be available soon uh hopefully it will be released soon but interesting to see how it develops

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