in this video we're gonna go through the full guide what is spotify blend how to use it how to create playlists how to invite friends how to generate blend story and all of this so this feature was recently introduced to spotify in the beta but now it's releasing all our all users all devices yeah maybe it's still only on mobile but anyhow this is kind of like a playlist which is generated with your friends and it's updated in real time and you can see top tracks from you and people you invited there so this is the way to like keep keeping check what are you listening to and what your friends are listening to so to find a blend playlist you just need to tap search in the in the spotify and then you just need to search for blend so that's how i do it then you will see blend tab blend genre and then you have this playlist so here is an example of blend playlist which you just created so like you would say how is it different from any other playlist well that the main point that it's constantly being updated so it just takes your listening history and it takes my friends listening history and is automatically being updated every 24 hours or so so it says updated daily so meaning if if i've suddenly found a new heat son or i like some like you know some artist a lot it will appear in this playlist while if you have standard like collaborative playlist no spotify you just added the track and that's it that track will stay there forever until you remove it here if you stop listening to some artist it will basically it will be removed um so yeah this is the example of spotify blend playlist to invite additional people you can just tap on this invite icon and you can invite other friends to this blend so this is how the invitation look like you can copy the link like before you could only create a spotify blend playlist for two people now you can invite up to 10 people so there is a limit of 10 people no more and yeah you invite your friends and your friends can invite their friends in this playlist and this kind of like a cool collaborative playlist which you can enjoy together so this is how invite link looks like you can just send it on whatsapp or messengers whatever you're using yep so that's how you can invite people you can obviously also copy a link here um and yeah i don't know if you can actually remove some members from spotify blend playlist that's an interesting question but anyhow so this is the playlist and this you can see these are the tracks if basically also you can hide this on if you don't like specific songs you can add these songs to another playlist and you can do all the all of the stuff you are doing with other songs from your in spotify blend you can then shuffle it um yeah you hear you can add additional members and this is the cool thing you can create a bland story so here you will see a quick like story preview how how your music tastes matching with your friends so for example if i type here uh you will see the music match get ready for uh so here you can see uh like which song can blend your bring it together you can go to your plan and that's basically the idea um yeah so that's that's how you can create a blend story that's a cool feature you can also shuffle this playlist as you shuffle any other playlists so that's that's cool and then let's just take a look at some other settings which you can see in blend playlist so here is add in members then you can edit name so it is possible to add the spotify blend name by default this will be like the name of your friend and yourself in this playlist then you you i don't think you can delete blend playlist but you can just tap leave blend and then you will just leave it you can also then add a link to the blend to profile so that's that's the cool feature you can share it you can add it to a queue and then you can see here some additional information um so as far as i understand this is not discovered weekly spotify won't add some new tracks here so these are only tracks from you and your friends playlists so it's not like it's using some ai technology to add completely new tracks and for you to discover music yes you discover music but we are your friends so this feature is kind of called like social discovery um so that's that so let's let's discover how um how you create blend so again i will just tap search and then i create a tab here and then i tap create a blend here i can just invite up to 10 friends to a blend a shared playlist that gives you social recommendation based on all of your music taste people in this blend will be able to add their friends you may also create other playlists that include social recommendations people in social work content playlist you'll be able to see your profile picture and username and all of that so and then basically you just invite someone again here and then they should accept your invitation and you will create your blend playlist after that you will be able to discover your blend playlist in your library same as you have is any other playlist depending if you're listening it to it or no i usually just go and again search bland and i see all my blend playlists here so yeah that's kind of a new feature recently spotify blend was in beta but now it's just available to to everyone and there are a lot of cool features which probably you didn't know i also didn't know that about like spotify blends so let's just go through them and see uh uh so like spotify blend is not available on desktop so it's yeah it's not available on desktop but it should be available in spotify mobile app on ios and android as far as i understand so you can make a blend you can add friends then um there is a cool feature that you can create spotify blend with some of the artists um so if you just go to this blog you can just search in google spotify blend artist there is a bunch of artists which allow to share their music tastes with you so there's like a very small number so you can't go to any artist on the internet and just create spotify blend with them basically this is just like a number of spotify collaborators where you can just go tap on their profile tap just on this link and then you will be able to uh like for example i can create a spotify blend playlist with diplomas the famous dj and i can see what is he listening to on spotify and what i'm listening to and i will see like some social recommendations uh yeah this basically that's uh yeah so something like that and then if i don't like it i can just leave blend uh here as well so i didn't know that but yeah try it out it can be pretty fun then there is a feature where uh if you have uh more than three uh one on one blends so if you already created blends with three friends you will have automatically created a friend's mix playlist it's a shared playlist that combines your music taste with the taste of friends you're in one on one bland squeeze so that's basically the idea um yeah so you will see this playlist created automatically once you have like three spotify plans and then this playlist will just appear in your library so basically you will have a playlist which is constantly uh reflects the music taste of your friends and this is the way to for you to discover uh like some new music which your friends are listening to of course you can have you know like uh you can see what your friends are listening to listen in activity tab but that's that's not that good as this like friends mix because here is like constantly updated playlist of the top tracks from your friends you know what everyone is listening to of course you can opt out at any point and just leave if you don't want to see to show your friends what you're listening to and what are your favorite tracks but yeah it can be pretty entertainful um so yeah this is the overview these are the playlists um yeah i don't know what else to add this feature is is getting very like quite viral a lot of people try to add these blends and it's out of better it's more and more users are trying it out so it's available on ios on android but it's not available on desktop unfortunately at this moment and yeah i usually find it in might for you section but of course you you can access this playlist on desktop but you can't create blend on desktop so i think um so that's basically it that's the blend playlist definitely give it a try um check it out with your friends of course it won't work this with everyone because yeah sometimes like music tastes are completely different so i wouldn't recommend to create it with friends where you have completely different taste however it just depends on you like but if you know someone that listens to cool music and always recommends you some cool tracks definitely create create a blend with that person you can really fast discover some cool tracks so yeah that's the overview thank you for watching check out my tick tock check out my blog and see you in the next videos

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