Spotify Countdown Pages - what is it?

here's a new features on Spotify which I just introduced during their live stream and I introduced a lot of features one of those is countdown pages so basically it will be a countdown similar as you have on YouTube before live stream or like before Premiere or something like that so here it will be for artists to talk about some unreleased song and then or some countdown to a new release uh so yeah if you like some artists you know releasing some new single and then you can scan down that it will be live in seven days on Spotify or something like that and this is where artists will keep more connections with fans and all of that and it will be tested with Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran and all of that so maybe you can already go to the profile um there is artist speaks upcoming releases there is and then you can see here this is a countdown page for uh for Ed Sheeran so it already can be seen here so it's pretty cool and then you can just tap pre-save so that's the idea

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