Spotify - EXCLUDE playlist from your taste profile

so here is Spotify as I just released a new feature so to get access to it make sure to update to the latest version on iOS or Android or web app then if you go to specific playlists so it should be a playlist tap on Three Dots and then you see this setting here exclude from your test profile so what is that basically there are some scenarios where you have some playlists and you listening it like during work like low five bits or something and you just listening to it while you are doing some studying or you're doing some work or stuff like that but you don't want recommendations from this playlist they appear in your discover weekly or you have more like daily mix recommendations based on low-fi Beats because that's just like one case where you're listening this music during your work or styling or you have like some sleeping music or you have some workout music but you just listen to that during workout other than that you don't listen that type of songs and so you can just you know just tap exclude from your test profile and then it won't be included in Spotify algorithm which just influences all of that and yeah it's pretty handy feature and yeah so then it's just a will stop appearing uh in and influencing your discover weekly playlist your daily mix playlist and all of that and you can just exclude that playlist from your recommendations and again for example if you have kids you have like some kids playlist and if you're listening uh putting that on for your kids then sometimes you just don't want that to appear in your discover weekly so it can be pretty handy feature so try it out

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