Spotify group session “Ask the host to share volume control for this speaker”

In the latest update to Spotify's group session feature, a new message has appeared at the bottom of the screen: "Ask the host to share volume control for this speaker." This addition has left many users wondering what it means and how it affects their ability to control the audio during a group listening experience on the platform.

Essentially, this message indicates that while you can join a group session on Spotify, you may not have the ability to adjust the volume. In most cases, there is only one designated host, who has the power to control the volume for all participants. Other members of the session are able to contribute to the playlist queue and manage the songs in various ways, but they do not possess the ability to adjust the volume.

This limitation can become quite significant, especially in scenarios where the speakers are too loud during a party or gathering. If you are a participant and find the volume overwhelming, your options are somewhat limited. You can add songs to the queue or pause the current track, but you cannot directly control the volume.

In order to address this issue, you have two possible solutions. Firstly, if you have physical access to the speaker, you can adjust the volume using the speaker's buttons or controls. However, if you are unable to reach the speaker or it is not within your control, your best course of action is to contact the host.

By reaching out to the host via Spotify's messaging system, they can easily reduce the volume from their own device, providing relief to the participants. It is worth noting that attempting to adjust the volume on your own device will not yield any results if you are not the designated host. Instead, you will be met with the aforementioned message, reminding you to ask the host for volume control.

If, for some reason, you are unable to locate the host within the group session, your only alternative may be to start a new group session of your own, this time assuming the role of the host. This will grant you complete control over the volume, allowing you to adjust it according to your preference and the comfort of all participants.

While this new message may initially cause confusion for Spotify group session users, it ultimately serves as a reminder of the designated host's responsibilities in managing the audio experience. By contacting the host or taking matters into your own hands by becoming the host, you can ensure a more enjoyable and balanced listening session for all.

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