so here is spotify live app former green room um so here it is this is a new app which is kind of growing in the charts in the us app store it's for someone top 100 apps so this app is kind of like a clubhouse from spotify so you can create all these live audio chats live groups live rooms and then you can just log in this is your spotify account you can reserve your username you can interact with other users um yeah you can see all the settings here um so that's basically then you have your groups you can join them you can you can create a room and then create your own room as well you can search for rooms uh so join the rooms there are all these different names and different profiles you can follow someone um i don't know if yeah if you can actually followed by the podcast name no so yeah basically if you're hosting a podcast on on spotify this is an interesting app to try out for sure so that's that so that's an overview of that definitely give it a try you can get some following on spotify here you can promote your playlist your music um and then yeah also if you are recording you have have live audio conversations in the rooms uh you can get that and then you can record it as broadcasts so that's basically the idea hope it is helpful

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