SPOTIFY PALLET how to generate?

hey everyone so let's try to use spotify palette it's like becoming a popular trending service so it's not a spotify product it was developed by other developer but still let's try to see how it works so i just need to sign in with my spotify account and let's see how it works and then spotify under your spotify color palette you have more danceable songs giving you an orange palette orange is the color of movement our extensibility is 76 orange energy 73 average balance positivity 66 so that's kind of my spotify palette so yeah that's the idea then i can see what influenced my palette like which songs have each color uh images similar to your palette so these are the images which i can get from here which is pretty cool and then the palette itself i don't know how to share it but yeah that's how you can just do a screenshot basically on your phone and share it with your friends but that's the idea again you need to go to and log in with the spotify and then that's that's how it works basically                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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