Spotify Playlist in a Bottle - how to create? Full overview

so when I updated my Spotify app and then when I'm just opening the app I see this uh playlist in the bottle create a musical Time Capsule to be locked away until 2024. so yeah to access it you just you have easy free or premium version of spotify and this feature is available not all around the world but countries mostly like us and European countries and then yeah I can just tap get started and this is how it works so again I'm on a premium version but it can also be a free version and all of that so here you just need to select what are you put in your playlist in tiny pocket in your jeans gumball machine lunchbox uh our current an actual bottle okay actual bottle sounds good the sun you need to hear live in 2023 so then you can just uh yeah okay next or you can select a new question uh [Music] okay so you can do that for example you can also just add songs by yourself here you can also just search like or yeah you can search for you know some and then just adding more questions and more songs so you can either select random song or you can just add songs by yourself and you can access this feature until January 31st because after that it will be locked I guess and yeah so that's the point of this like time time capsule so yeah here you can just search again anyways that's basically that and then you can just select these random songs and yeah so then you can just log in and yeah basically this is how it works and then yeah your playlist is sealed we'll let you know when your playlist is unsealed and then yeah you can just tap to share it uh playlist in the bottle and then you can just share it um yeah on the Spotify Snapchat everywhere so yeah there you have it uh kind of a cool feature and thank you for watching

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