Spotify Podcaster Wrapped 2022 - overview

so probably we heard about Spotify wrapped which is going viral it's like a yearly summarized analytics of all your music if you listened on Spotify but this is a podcaster Edition uh to cut your hearing broadcasting all the Unix insights that might your your show your show so here it is and then I just curious how it might works so I got these notifications from Spotify or anchor app okay so I get this I just have like a very small podcast here but then you will see something like this so you just redirect it to some link on the app and then there are some numbers so here it is so again this is not Spotify rap this is if you have a podcast on Spotify and you're publishing it there that you will see some of the stats there so for example I have this small podcast and then this is how it looks like so it's quite interesting from Spotify uh so then you see something like this and yeah then you just see some stats open so then you can check out what is your top episode is uh then then I just swipe down and go through all the stats of my podcast so what I do I just uh publish in my podcast through the Encore but it's like it's just very small podcast um so it's it's not a professional team or anything it's just like I was testing some content for a few months but still you have wrapped uh so here you can see top countries and then you can share it then you can see some more stats so people of course like it especially if you're if you're a professional podcaster that's a very nice thing to to see that and share with your audience foreign overview so definitely give it a try I just received it as a notification either from anchor app or from Spotify app on my mobile um and then you can just celebrate some look and some sharing so yeah hope that is helpful definitely interesting feature you can also go here a wrapped for podcasters by website and there you have it try it out

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