SPOTIFY SPATIAL AUDIO is it available?

hey everyone so is special audio uh available on spotify so i'm just going through our support center it's here it says in 2020 has anyone heard of spence fospi plans to support special audio and the response from the community is that this feature isn't possible at the moment it would be great if you could add your votes to subscribe to this related idea so and it's this feature is not available as for nas as for 2021. and so what is special audio it's new update for ios devices iphone and ipad iphone 7 and higher and ipad also newer versions and you need to have like airpods pro airpods pro max uh and then yeah then basically you can have this special audio which is kind of like a movie audio experience where um your sound doesn't come just like from one point it just surrounds you so that's like pretty cool so there you have it so something like that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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