Spotify Time Capsule - what is it? How to use?

so here is a new feature from Spotify which is called Spotify capsule so this is like a playlist or playlist in bottle that is designed to let you capture current music tastes and revisit that one here later streaming service announced on Wednesday that new experience will help users capture the moment by the time January 2024 rolls around so just to get started you need to insure a Spotify mobile app is app like updated then you can just go to playlist in the bottle from your mobile device yeah and then you can begin the experience by selecting your time capsule of choice so options include bottle gin pocket gumball machine lunchbox or teddy bear um uh so yeah and then you can digitally seal your music Time Capsule and set it off so something like that so as you can see the the new feature is live in 27 countries um it's available both for free and premium users on IOS and Android so yeah there you have it uh so after January 31st you will no longer be able to create a playlist in battle so okay so uh in my case like I just received like an email from Spotify so you can just check any check any emails from Spotify account I'm a premium subscriber but yeah you can also use that for a free subscribers and then you can just go to to the website and for some reason it doesn't work uh yeah so the page doesn't work actually uh so here you can just go here so let's just try this okay so probably you just need to update the app make sure that your app is updated okay probably that kind of makes sense but yeah you see like all of the it's a bit you need to know all of these issues okay so for some reason it doesn't work so if you have some similar issues uh yeah just just leave it in the comments like I'm curious to know why it's not working out yet um maybe it's just not yet available in specific countries or these features being tested around or something like that but yeah interesting to know your thoughts

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