Spotify Todaystopfans - how to use?

hey everyone so i just noticed this new banner in spotify so if you just tap on the today's top hits playlist which is default playlist in many countries um then in the top you might see the banner to join the today's top fans by uh so yeah let's just try to see what that is actually and then you just need to login to spotify and then let's go so yeah something like that so uh you can see all these stats here okay so that seems pretty cool so you you can see what's the date of the first impression [Music] and then you can see how many times you played it and how many hours have you listened to it so wow that's a pretty cool stats here top 15 let's see about like modern five or something and then you can see for example this so yeah now you guys know all my stats and there you have it so that's you can go to this website today's top fans dot by so there you have it hope it is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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