Spotify What’s New feature overview

okay so here is spotify app and if you updated it you might notice that there is some kind of new notification button in the top right and that's called spotify what's new so here you will see all the new either music releases or podcasts to which you're listening to and just the all the recent content so there are two tabs music so these are all like the uh creators uh songwriters your listening here and if there is a new song you will new release you will just see it here so it's just a faster way to access songs and just be on poles instead of just going to new releases playlist in spotify if you're just listening to podcasts it's a fast way to see all the new podcasts which you are following and if you think it's too much you can just always unsubscribe so yeah that's a new feature it's called spotify what's new again it's available here in your notification bar uh and i just discovered this using techcrunch so it's attention grabbing what's new feed that offers personalized updates and it's just yeah it's just use a blue dot to indicate but there is something new to see and of course you can see all these blue notification dots in either facebook or instagram or all of these apps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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