Spotiplus app - Cover Maker for Spotify playlists - app overview

so here is 40 plus covers for your spotify playlist so interesting app very niche you can design styling cards for spotify playlists variety of sims and backgrounds trade upload to spotify 5000 playlist cars have already been designed by spodi plus so not that much but it's a it's an interesting idea for sure and you know spotify can also be like a social media and you know you can you can create playlist public playlist here and all of that so here you can create something like you know like this you can select backgrounds cool different backgrounds like uh depending on your playlists okay so something like that then you can just select editor can you remove this not sure um so yeah something about that then yeah here are some other options you can log in with spotify and then just uh basically if you select to login with spotify you will be able to upload these playlists um you know right and just just a spotify and there are all these different themes um i don't know if these are the only backgrounds if you want to search you need to upload like the premium features one month three dollars 12 months 19.99 so that's that then you can just try to delete some backgrounds um try to upload photos so something around that you can give access to your photos and upload them then editor so yeah you can just so that's basically the idea that's how you remove text and then tap next and there are ads but that's basically it uh and then you can update on spotify your car is ready you can upload the cars straight to spotify or download it as jpeg or you can just download as jpeg so that's the idea of the app yeah like in case you've created the public playlist or you know shared playlist or something else where sometimes you can have like hundreds of members maybe not hundreds dozens like some place for your community you really want it to look nice first and then you also if you want to collect followers subscribers in spotify this is also really important to have an impressive visual so there is an app for that so try out

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