Spotistats - how to create an account via Spotify?

here's a trend in music app called spotty stats for spotify um so yeah let's just try to install it from iphone and let's just see how how it works um so let's just use touch id to install it so don't feel like waiting until the end of the year to see a spotify wrapped no problem you can do it any time of the year with up-to-date data spot stats will soon be renamed status fms for spotify so that's interesting app and this app provides insight into your most recent songs and artists with the choice of different periods you can also see a lot of stats about your listening behavior for example when you listen how much you listen what are the genres you listen to what types of music view lyrics and many more spotify statistics so let's just open this app um and see uh yeah how to how it works and then you just need to select the language and then it redirects me to my spotify account where i just need to sign in and then okay i just need to log in with my spotify account here [Music] and that's basically it it's a bit annoying it opens it in the browser because i have spotify apps so maybe it's just better to use spotify app but anyways that's how you create an account uh just log in with your spotify and i will show the whole app in the next video

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