Spruce mobile banking - how to create an account?

here is bruce mobile banking app so let's try to install it there are only 80 ratings but it's already quite high in the in the app charts in finance be good with money put money away from what really matters to you kickstarter saving goals no monthly fees no minimum balance no or draft fees up to 20 dollars um cash back when you shop get paid up to two days early keep an eye on your credit score so yeah it seems like a pretty advanced app they also have this credit card sprucims in mobile banking platform built by hr blog is banking products provided by meta bank spruce has no monthly fees no sign of fees no autograph fees up to 20 dollars and access to thousands of fee free atms nationwide uh automatic cashback rewards get paid up to two days early free credit score no fear overdraft up to twenty dollars so let's just open it up and let's see how to sign up so let's see just to show you what is the process here okay then just want my first last name i'm just doing this as a test so let's see okay so it only accepts us phone numbers i guess then i need to set up and that's basically okay what else is there and then i need to um to check my one-time code in my email which i just entered let's see if it did arrive no so still not arriving but i guess it should be pretty pretty standard from there probably at some point you need to enter like ssn number or something like that it just depends yeah overall yet i sometimes often see this blank screen in the app i send code okay so when i tap recent code then it kind of works okay so that was the previous one or something so yeah it does take like five minutes for the code to arrive in case you're you're wondering okay so anyways um there is some issue with verification email it just takes like few minutes here and there but i think you got like initial idea how to get started with the app so yeah i'll probably try to do another video about it because seems there are still some issues and it would let me to okay now there is a verification number sent phone number try to use like a another app oh no i yeah so there is like for some reason this app closes its style or something like that okay anyway so you got the idea there are like few bunch of verifications here i think it's a bit too much but that's that and i will do a further overview after that you

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